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Full Circle Farm is located near two communities that seem to be spreading by leaps and bounds.  That is a good thing in some ways.  The best being that we are close to our market making it easier for our customers to find us.

It’s problematic, however, in building a community.  Neighborhoods of houses too close together with people attempting to escape the city while simultaneously insisting that the amenities of the city follow them to a new location.  It’s nearly impossible to build a farming community in such an environment.  A beautiful farm just one mile south of us is currently on the market for nearly $3 million.  Now, that farm is 131 acres, but even after allowing for the value of the home and outbuildings they are valuing the land at roughly $20,000 per acre.  How is a farmer expected to make a living when that kind of investment is required?

How do we combat this problem?  We must value our existing communities, utilizing them to the fullest extent.  We must also value our farmers and the resources they require to provide the food those communities need.  Don’t expect the city amenities to follow you to the country.  Each locale has its purpose.  Support the local businesses in your cities and towns.  Buy your groceries from them and eat at their restaurants.  Support your local farmers by allowing them the space and affordable land to provide the food the communities require. 

You can support your local farmers this weekend (Saturday, February 8) at the Farm to Fork Market at Normandy Farms.  We’ll meet you halfway at 79th and Marsh Road.  We still have plenty of pastured pork and pastured chicken available.  Betsy’s Kitchen will be offering Paleo Almond Delight Power Bars, Paleo bread, and Flour-less Chocolate Cake.

As always, we also sell all of our grass-fed meats at the farm.

Full Circle Farm. Working with Nature.

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