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Caught Red-Handed

Well, not quite red-handed but one of us did spend a little too much time in the sun (that would be the blond, fair-skinned farmer).  They finally caught us and made us return to the farm.  It didn’t really take that much persuading though.

Farmhand Emily did an awesome job while we were away.  The animals were content and she did some greatly appreciated housekeeping.  She even got the snow to melt and the grass to green while we were gone.

We will be open this Sunday from 12 -6 p.m.  We will also be around on Saturday planting trees.  We received 400 trees from the state nursery this week.  If you come by and help us on Saturday, we’ll give you a free dozen eggs.  We currently have available:

Eggs from free-range hens fed organic grain @$3.50 per dozen (and lots of them)

Whole Chickens raised on pasture and fed organic grain @ $4.00 per pound (lots of chicken too)

Hormone-free and antibiotic-free grass-fed lamb and goat (please see the price list for pricing by cut)

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