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Today was the first day of spring and a beautiful one it was. We may wonder if spring is really coming with the wild transitional weather we’ve been experiencing but the chickens seem to know spring has arrived. Eggs have long been a sign of spring and renewal. It’s easy to see why as they are quite plentiful this time of year. Over the past month, we’ve gone from gathering a dozen eggs a day to nearly four dozen eggs a day. Spring has sprung.

Visit us at the Farm to Fork Market at Normandy Farms on Saturday, March 22 and take a dozen eggs home with you. We will also have pastured pork and pastured chicken. Betsy’s Kitchen will be bringing Paleo Almond Delight Power Bars, granola bars, and granola.

As always, we also sell our eggs and grass-fed meats at the farm.

Full Circle Farm. Working with Nature.

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Spring Chickens


The chickens that were hatching during last week’s post finally all hatched, at least all of them that were going to hatch.  We hatched 10 eggs of 24 last week.  That sounds like a bad ratio but we actually hatched 100% of the fertile eggs.  You see we have only 2 roosters with 43 hens so, not all of the eggs were fertile.  We will also be ordering 100 more broilers this spring to be delivered next week.

That’s quite a few spring chickens, but, we will need them all because we will be selling in three different farmers’ markets this year.  We will be selling at the:

–          Zionsville Farmers’ Market beginning May 18.  We will be sharing space with another vendor and therefore will only be at this market every other Saturday throughout the season.  The Zionsville Farmers’ Market is located at the corner of Main Street and Hawthorne in Zionsville from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. each Saturday from May 18 through September 28.

–          Decatur Township Farmers’ Market beginning June 4.  This is the farmers’ market that Farmer Betsy started at Decatur Discovery Academy.  The market is located at 5106 S. High School Road, Indianapolis and will be held each Tuesday from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. from June 4 through September 24.

–          A new organic market being formed in the area.  The dates and locations have not yet been determined.  We’ll share that information when it becomes available.

We will hold open hours on the farm from 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. this Sunday.  Given all of the new opportunities, these will be our last farm open hours.  That doesn’t mean we won’t be around, you may just want to call or e-mail beforehand.  We will also be raising our prices to compensate for market expenses.  We do plan to offer a discount for on farm purchases.  We will post our new price list soon.

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Spring Is on the Way

As the days get longer, things on the farm get more active.  We are getting more eggs each week.  The turkeys and guineas are courting.  The lambs are arriving.

The lambs started arriving Friday night.  We have four so far.  They are two sets of twins, a pair of rams and a pair of ewes.  Pictures will be coming soon.  We are having some difficulties with our digital camera.

Don’t forget.  We now have regular Sunday hours from 12 – 6 p.m.  Someone will be here to provide for your local food requirements.  We currently have available free-range eggs, pastured whole chickens, and grass-fed lamb and goat.

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