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. . . have brought lots of water.  As of this writing we have had 4.75” this month (3.25” just this week).  With that and 11 inches of snow melt from late March, we have definitely recovered from last year’s drought.

 . . . bring lots of green grass.  We’ve closed off the animals to the east side of the field to allow the rest of the pasture to grow faster.  We hope to start rotational grazing by the first of May.  We have resolved ourselves to using electric netting this year as the sheep have been completely ignoring our standard electric fencing.

. . . have brought lots of eggs.  Since we knew we would have a lot of eggs, we bought an incubator this winter so we could hatch some of our own eggs.  Farmer Betsy already used the incubator to hatch one batch of chickens at her school.  We started our own chickens at the house and they are hatching as I write.  I have also started finding turkey eggs in the middle of the barn, where the other animals could step on them.  I have started collecting them and we hope to hatch those too.  Hopefully the rest of the birds are finding other safe spots to lay their eggs.

. . . are bringing blooming fruit trees.  All of our fruit trees and plants are budding and blooming nicely.  Since we got a normal start on spring this year, hopefully we won’t have any late freezes to jeopardize the fruit.

I know, I know.  April showers bring May flowers.  But, it’s not May yet.  May looks to bring its own set of opportunities to the farm.

We will be open this Sunday from 12 -6 p.m.  Please stop in to fulfill your local, organic food needs.

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