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We will be open this Sunday from 12 – 6 p.m.  We currently have available free-range eggs, pastured whole chickens, and grass-fed lamb and goat.  We have had quite a bit of website activity recently, at least for us.  For those of you new to Full Circle Farm, we have an open farm policy and welcome you to visit any time.  We are generally available evenings through the week and afternoons during the weekend, but, who knows what may come up.  Our regular Sunday hours are to ensure that someone will be here to serve you.  We accept cash, check, and credit cards as payment.

We hope you all enjoyed your Valentine week with the ones you love.  It has been an interesting week on the farm.  We had our first set of triplet lambs this week only to lose two of them by week’s end.  The mother ewe has calmed down and is feeding the remaining ram lamb quite well.  It’s heartbreaking to lose any animal, especially when they pass as you are trying to save them.  Unfortunately, that’s part of life on the farm.  Fortunately, there is also lots of happy activity on the farm.  There are nine more ewes due to lamb at anytime so there will be many more cute lambs to enjoy.  The birds are pairing off for lots of little ones in a couple of months and I caught T-Bone, the young steer, chasing his tail last night.

 Please stop by and enjoy the farm with us.

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