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Today was the first day of spring and a beautiful one it was. We may wonder if spring is really coming with the wild transitional weather we’ve been experiencing but the chickens seem to know spring has arrived. Eggs have long been a sign of spring and renewal. It’s easy to see why as they are quite plentiful this time of year. Over the past month, we’ve gone from gathering a dozen eggs a day to nearly four dozen eggs a day. Spring has sprung.

Visit us at the Farm to Fork Market at Normandy Farms on Saturday, March 22 and take a dozen eggs home with you. We will also have pastured pork and pastured chicken. Betsy’s Kitchen will be bringing Paleo Almond Delight Power Bars, granola bars, and granola.

As always, we also sell our eggs and grass-fed meats at the farm.

Full Circle Farm. Working with Nature.

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Thank You

We will be open this Sunday from 12 -6 p.m.  We currently have available:

Eggs from free-range hens fed organic grain

Whole Chickens raised on pasture and fed organic grain

Hormone-free and antibiotic-free grass-fed lamb and goat

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards as payment.

As we begin this year, we would like to take a moment and thank all of you for the support you have given us and our farm.  Our farm is still just getting started and like all youngsters, it needs all the help it can get.

When you support Full Circle Farm, you are supporting a business that is improving the environment.  As you know, we are always looking to mimic nature and in 2013, we intend to launch a full scale reforestation project on our farm.  Our long term goals include bringing even more diversified wildlife to our farm; planting trees for food, shelter, and air quality, and; producing quality foodstuffs for the animals and all of you.

In the news, you hear many reports about the economy.  We believe the only solution to our economic woes is to “buy local” and “buy American-made”.  As a small local business, we buy from other local businesses.  We buy our organic feed from Kern, Kirtley, and Herr Elevator here in Boone County.  We have our animals processed at This Old Farm in Colfax, Indiana and J&M Processing near Hagerstown, Indiana.  Larger items that we cannot purchase locally, we strive to buy “Made in the USA”.  When you purchase meat or eggs from us, you are part of the economic solution.

For 2013 and beyond, we hope to see Full Circle Farm lamb become the regularly served lamb in area restaurants.  Several of our lambs were sold through This Old Farm Processing and a couple were sold to The Loft Restaurant at Traders Point Creamery.

In 2013, we will be holding a few festivals as well as working with the Lebanon Arts Council to co-host a heritage music festival.  We invite all of you to attend the festivals or just stop by.  We love what we do and fell blessed to be able to farm.

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