1. New kittens!

2. We have recently added some small crafts to the egg supply in the roadside “tug.” We are open to reader suggestions on item types, themes, etc.

3. Various repairs and new/used tools.

More to come on all fronts.

Moving Stuff Around

After scoring some shelf units for cheap on Craigslist, we have rehomed some lumber and feed supplements from the toolshed to the barn and put up the shelf units in their place. More shelves are soon to go up, and things put on them, as soon as the latest cold snap passes. And as always, the cats are assisting.

The Reveal

ID’s of the photos in the last post, In order from left to right, top row to bottom row:

Livestock trailer, Brisket the steer, feeding pan and trough heater, chicken bus, more chicken bus, summer chicken tractor (coop on a trailer), one of our pigs, and our farm tractor.

We’ll drop more photos and farm updates real soon.

Some views of the farm from unusual angles. We will identify the subjects in a week or so. In the meantime, any guesses?

Pigs Grow Up

Our pigs have moved to a new pen next to the barn. They have gotten a good deal bigger on a diet of mostly spent grain from the local brew pub, along with the occasional pumpkin. They completely uprooted that grass in about a day.

Pigs escape!

We have added two new guinea hogs to the farm. Shortly after this picture was taken, they escaped the paddock, and the chase was on. But three humans outsmarted two pigs, and they are now grunting happily in the barn. Both girls, their names are Patty and Link. Any advice for us or them?

New Kittens


We have three new kittens hiding in the back of the barn. One is gray, one black, and one calico. Any ideas for names?

More pics soon!